1) what are the total pages of your notebook? a) 60 b) 40 c) 20 2) if you write on one side of each page, how many pages will you use? a) 40 b) 30 c) 60 3) If you write on both sides of each page ,how many pages will you use? a) 30 b) 20 c) 50 4) What is the better way to writing on a notebook? a) writing on a floor b) writing on a study table 5) What is the better option? a) Writing on one side b) Writing on both sides c) Writing nothing 6) What is face value of 3 in 3642? a) 300 b) 3 c) 30 d) 3000 7) What is the place value of 5 in 5678? a) 500 b) 50 c) 5000




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