1) If something is described as being a drop in the ocean, it is a) a small part of what's needed b) a huge part of what's needed c) all that's needed 2) The kids in the hospital had a ray of sunshine in their lives when a) some famous footballers visited them b) they were taken to sit outside in the sun c) the nurses checked their blood pressure 3) Ken says he feels like a voice crying in the wilderness because a) he likes the sounds of wild animals b) he hurt his leg while hiking in the forest c) nobody seems to support his opinions 4) While they were driving, Louisa said she had to answer the call of nature, so Mario a) gave her his phone b) said they'd go camping on the weekend c) stopped the car when they found some toilets 5) Grant felt all at sea because a) he was sick of his job b) he was enjoying sailing c) it was his first day at university 6) It's hard not to beat around the bush when you have to a) put out a bushfire b) give someone some good news c) tell someone some bad news 7) Our operations manager can't see the forest for the trees because a) he doesn't know where to look b) he's too deep in the forest c) he's too involved in day-to-day matters 8) Which person would most people expect to be the most down to earth? a) a poet b) an artist c) a farmer 9) I'm trying to go with the flow more and a) float down the river b) be more relaxed about things c) control every aspect of my life

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