1) Someone who feels uncomfortable with other people. a) shy b) serious c) strict d) weak 2) Someone who can understand funny things. a) wise b) serious c) silly d) have a sense of humour 3) Someone who is kind and helps others. a) dishonest b) generous c) shy d) cowardly 4) Someone who takes care of others. a) caring b) dishonest c) serious d) generous 5) Someone who can control what other people do or think. a) honest b) curious c) dishonest d) powerful 6) Someone who punishes other people when they break rules. a) shy b) strict c) silly d) serious 7) Someone who thinks carefully about things and does not laugh much. a) strict b) honest c) serious d) shy 8) Someone who has a lot of experience,knows a lot of things . a) serious b) wise c) dishonest d) mean 9) Someone who wants to know and learn more. a) curious b) dishonest c) wise d) cowardly 10) Someone who always tells the truth. a) curious b) powerful c) honest d) caring

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