1) Who is the main character of the book? a) The narrator b) The Little Prince c) The Rose 2) Who is the narrator? a) A pilot b) A cook c) A king 3) Who bites the Little Prince a) A fox b) A dog c) A snake 4) Which character is on the first planet that the Little Prince visits? a) The pilot b) The drunkard c) The king 5) Which character is always too busy? a) The businessman b) The lamplighter c) The rose 6) Where does the Little Prince finally land? a) On planet Mars b) On planet Earth c) On planet Venus 7) What does the Little Prince symbolizes? a) The hope and the love. b) The fear and the love. c) The fear and the innocence. 8) Who wrote this book? a) Agatha Christie b) JK Rowling c) Antoine Saint Exupery




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