Exposition - In 1775, a London banker, is meeting a woman name Lucie Manette to take her see to her father, aFrench doctor, who has been released from prison after 18 years. The novel moves forward to 1780 where a man named Charles Darnay is being tried for treason. Lucie and Lorry are both witnesses for the prosecution, but when defense  attorney Mr. Stryver  points out the strong resemblance between his assisstant Sydney Carton and Darnay, the jury acquits Darnay on reasonable doubt., Conflict - Darnay ang Lucie quickly fall in love, and he endears himself to Dr. Manette.Darnay, however , is not who he says he is: he is actually a Frenc nobleman, the son of the Marquis St. Evremond, but he has renounced his family name. While Darnay is building  a family and home in England with Lucie, the French peasants continue to revolt. In particular, Saint Antonie wine shop owners Ernest and Madame Defarge are leaders in the revolt., Rising Action - On July, 1789, the revolutionaries storm the Bastille fortress. Defarge goes to the cell where Dr. Manette had been held and searches for something. Shortly after, The Marquis' chateau burns down and the peasants arrest Monsieur Gabelle, the tax collector and caretaker. He writes to Darnay asking for help. Darnay decides to return to France in secret as not to worry Lucy., Climax - Darnay is arrested in France and imprisoned in La Force. The revolutionaries figured out that he is actually the Marquis St. Evremonde. Lucie and Dr. Manette arrive and visit Mr. Lorry at the Tellson's location. Dr. Manette is a martyr for the cause because of his time in the Bastille. He uses this to try to get Charles out of prison, but he reamins there for another year and three months. He is acquitted of his charges, but is soon re-arrested before he can go back to England., Falling Action - Miss Pross and Jerry Cruncher come across Miss Pross' brother Solomon, who goes by John Barsad. Sydney Carton appears and blackmails Barsad into helping him get in to see Charles in prison. He knows that Roger Cly is still alive and that Barsad is spying for both the revolutionaries and the English government. At the next trial, Charles is sentenced to death because his father and uncle raped Madame Defarge's sister, and killed her brother-in-law and brother., Resolution - Dr. Manette was asked to help save Madame Defarge's sister and hears the story, so he writes a letter about the Marqius' crimes to the Minister of State. He is imprisoned after. Madame Defarge tries to kill Lucy and her daughter but is shot by Miss Pross. Meanwhile, right before Charles' execution, Carton drugs him and switches places with Charlers, sacrificing his own life instead, finally finding a sense of purpose in his life.,





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