1) According to Darwin's theory of evolution, how do new species evolve? a) Artificial selection b) Natural selection c) Unnatural selection d) Genetic engineering e) Transgenically 2) Which individuals are most likely to survive to reproduce? a) Individuals that are well suited to their environment b) Individuals that are poorly suited to their environment c) Individuals that have no immunity to new diseases 3) What is likely to happen to an individual that is poorly suited to its environment? a) It will not survive to reproduce b) It will survive and produce lots of successful offspring c) It will become extinct 4) What sort of variation is inherited? a) Environmental variation b) Genetic variation c) Variation is not inherited d) Both environmental and genetic 5) What does the term fittest mean? a) An organism is not well suited to its environment b) An organism changes to suit its environment c) An organism is well suited to its environment 6) What causes inherited variation? a) Genes b) Environment c) Change in the environment 7) Natural selection is sometimes referred to as survival of the what? a) Fittest b) Weakest c) Fastest 8) The light form of the peppered moth became less common during industrial revolution because... a) it was poorly camouflaged when lichens died b) it migrates to different environment c) it was killed by industrial pollution 9) Animals which belong to the same species: a) interbreed but do not produce fertile offspring b) cannot exchange genes with each other c) interbreed and produce fertile offspring

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