Free oscillations: Drawing, Free oscillations: Definition - The oscillation of a body or system with its own natural frequency and under no external force other than the impulse that initiated the motion., Free oscillations: Example -  liquid sloshing mode; Vibrating metal plate;, Forced oscillation: Definition - An oscillation that is kept going by a periodic driving force., Forced oscillation: Drawing, Forced oscillation: Example - car engine; Shivering to heat body in response to cold, Damped oscillation: Drawing, Damped oscillation: Definition - An oscillation that dies away due to dissipating (friction/drag) forces present., Damped oscillation: Example - Pendulum (when air drag is not negligible); *Ball on spring (taking friction into consideration), Undamped oscillation: Drawing, Undamped oscillation: Definition - An oscillation that does not die away due to the absence of dissipating forces., Undamped oscillation: Example - Pendulum or ball on spring with no dissipative forces., Simple harmonic motion: Drawing, Simple harmonic motion: Definition - The vibratory motion that occurs when the restoring force is proportional to the displacement from mean position and is directed opposite to the displacement, Simple harmonic motion: Example - Pendulum Ball on spring,

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