Pancakes are ____, and different countries use different ____. They are often sweet and usually ____. In France, pancakes ____ chocolate. In Asia, they have fish ____. But in the UK, we have pancakes with lemons and sugar. Every year ____ a day ____ people in the UK eat a lot of pancakes. It's ____ Pancake Day and it's always ____ a Tuesday, in February or March. We ____ 52 million eggs on this day - ____! People ____ with pancakes. In the UK, there are pancake ____. People run with pancakes and ____ them ____. In the USA, ____ is very popular. People ____ of their favourite ____, like Jennifer Lawrence! It's ____ to make pancakes: you ____ milk, water, flour and eggs. Cook the ingredients ____, then ____ the pancakes in the air!




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