1) Last night, I ____________ an excellent movie on Netflix.  a) watch b) watched c) am watching d) watches 2) We _____________ our homework yesterday.  a) did b) do c) does d) are doing 3) My mother and I ____________ a delicious cake for my birthday a week ago.  a) make b) makes c) are making d) made 4) Last year, Adam _____________ to eat seafood for the first time. a) try b) tried c) tries d) is trying 5) Mr. Brown ____________ at the police station 10 years ago.  a) works b) worked c) work d) is working 6) Sara ___________ her friend a few hours ago.  a) called b) call c) is calling d) calls 7) The children _________ in the garden yesterday.  a) play b) played c) plays d) are playing 8) We _____________ our grandma two days ago.  a) are visiting b) visit c) visited d) visits 9) My friends and I _________________ for hours last Friday.  a) talk b) are talking c) talks d) talked 10) Tom's father _____________ their car last summer. a) fixes b) fixed c) is fixing d) fix




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