Attack on Pearl Harbor - Japan launched a surprise attack against the US military base at Pearl Harbor; rendered much of the Pacific Fleet useless and drew the US into World War II., The Philippines Campaign - Fighting in the Pacific begins in the Philippines; the US is forced to surrender in 1942 leaving 1000s to die., Battle of the Atlantic - Britain & the US create a convoy system to protect Atlantic shipping., The Doolittle Raid - In April 1942, the US bombs Tokyo to avenge the attack on Pearl Harbor; little damage is done., Battle of the Coral Sea - The US secures control of the Coral Sea in the first carrier-based aircraft battle., Battle of Midway - The US wins at Midway, putting the Japanese on the defensive for the rest of the war., The Soviet Campaign - Hitler betrays Stalin & invades the USSR; the Soviets win at Stalingrad but both sides suffer heavy casualties., The North Africa Campaign - Britain & the US win in North Africa and secure control of Middle Eastern oil & shipping., The Italian Campaign - After Italy changes sides, Britain & the US launch an attack on the country; fighting continues there until the end of the war., The D-Day Invasion - Britain & the US launch cross the English Channel to launch the D-Day attack and begin their assault on the European continent., Battle of the Bulge - Hitler makes a last attempt stop the Allied forces who ultimately close in on Germany from the West., Battle of Okinawa - After months of island-hopping, the US approaches Japan which makes a last attempt to stop Allied forces at Okinawa., The Bombing of Hiroshima & Nagasaki - Facing a full-scale invasion of Japan, the US instead drops 2 atomic bombs devastating the cities of Hiroshima & Nagasaki and prompting an unconditional Japanese surrender.,




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