1) Where is this tea drink from? a) Serbia b) Afghanistan c) Iran 2) Where is this dish from? a) It's Afghan ash b) It's Iraqi ash c) It's Irani ash 3) This is a great Iranian drink. What is it called? a) Yogurt b) Doogh c) Ayran 4) This is kebab koobideh. Where is it from? a) Afghanistan b) Turkey c) Iran 5) This dish is famous in both Afghanistan and Iran. What is it called? a) Soup b) Shorba c) Stew 6) Where does this black tea come from? a) Azerbaijan b) Turkey c) Iran 7) What is the name of this sweet that is made in Afghanistan, Iran and Turkey? a) Chocolate pudding b) Baklava c) Lollipop

Food from Afghanistan and Iran




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