I possibili verbi da inserire sono: become, choose, study My name is Samuel and I am a student at TUM University, in Munich. I ____ to study Medicine, because I want to become a doctor like my father. He ____ for 7 years and he finally ____ a doctor in 1982. I possibili verbi sono: have, eat, play, go, drink On Saturday night I ____ to Rebecca's party and I ____ so much fun! The party had a theme: Harry Potter! We ____ pizza, we ____ the famous Butterbeer and we ____ Quidditch... well, we tried. I possibili verbi sono: look, get, find, brind For my birthday I ____ a new camera. A week ago I thought I had lost it. I ____ the camera to the beach, but when we left Sara's beach-house I had a shock... It had disappeared! We ____ for it and finally we ____ it under the couch. I possibili verbi sono: buy, hear, break I was taking a shower, when I ____ a loud noise! I dressed quickly and I went into my room. My cat ____ my favourite teamug. The next day I ____ a new one from Tesco




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