1) Nicole and her friends went outside to play tag at 6:30pm. Nicole's mom called her to come inside at 6:58pm. How long did Nicole and her friends play outside? a) 27 minutes b) 26 minutes c) 28 minutes d) 29 minutes 2) King started eating breakfast at 8:15. He finished eating breakfast at 8:50 am. Identify how long it took King to eat breakfast. a) 35 minutes b) 34 minutes c) 36 minutes d) 30 minutes 3) Juan took a nap at 3:07 pm. His mom woke him up at 3:43 pm. How long did his nap last? a) 35 minutes b) 36 minutes c) 34 minutes d) 43 minutes  4) Frankie went for a walk at a quarter after 2. He stopped walking at 2:46. How long was his walk? a) 46 minutes b) 30 minutes c) 32 minutes  d) 31 minutes 5) Karl arrived at the doctor's office at 11:03 am. He finally saw the doctor at quarter to 12. How long did Karl have to wait? a) 45 minutes b) 57 minutes c) 42 minutes d) 41 minutes  6) Aaron left his house to walk his dog at 5:34pm. He returned home at quarter til 6. How long did Aaron walk his dog? a) 11 minutes b) 34 minutes c) 12 minutes d) 15 minutes  7) Frankie and Santi both woke up at 8:13am. Their mom told them to go downstairs after they finished getting ready. Frankie came downstairs at 8:48am. Santi came downstairs at 8:59am. Who took the most time to get ready? a) Frankie b) Santi

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