1) Is ASL universal? a) yes! b) no! 2) Which other Sign Language is ASL most alike? a) British, Australian, and New Zealand (BANZSL) b) Chinese Sign Language (CSL) c) French Sign Language (LSF) d) Arabic Sign Language e) Spanish Sign Language 3) T/F Deaf people clap at a performance/show. a) True b) False 4) T/F There is a difference between "d" deaf and "D" Deaf. a) True b) False 5) Sign Language is not only about signs. It also includes: a) facial expressions b) body language c) hand positions + movements d) gestures + sounds e) all of the above f) a + b only 6) There are many different forms of ASL including which of the following? a) ASL b) Pidgin Sign Language (PSL) c) Signed Exact English (SEE) d) all of the above e) a + b only f) a + c only 7) T/F Deaf people are ashamed of their community. a) True b) False

ASL/Deaf Culture Trivia!




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