1) I could not do my work _____ my dog ate it! a) because b) so c) and 2) It was sunny outside _____ we went out to play. a) but b) if c) so 3) Kids, you can go out to play _____ you finish your work. a) and b) but c) if 4) I went to the shop _____ bought some fruit. a) and b) if c) so 5) I can't decide if I would like an apple _____ pear. a) and b) so c) or 6) Lucy barked,_____ wagged her tail. a) so b) if c) and 7) I can't finish my homework _____ it is boring. a) if b) because c) so 8) I did not like English ____ I met Sonia. a) but b) until c) because 9) I have to wait ____ he arrives. a) until b) when c) if 10) I'll be here ____ two o' clock. a) to b) until c) of 11) Supermarkets are open ____ 8 pm . a) till b) from c) to 12) I go to school ____ 8am to 1pm a) till b) of c) from




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