1) I'm sorry to ..... you, but I do need to have a word with you now. a) mess b) prevent c) bother d) occupy 2) Let’s hurry up. We don’t have much time to ..... . a) exhaust b) spare c) utilise d) handle 3) | advise you to ..... advantage of this unusual opportunity. a) take b) use c) catch d) reach 4) Sara ..... her best at the exam, but she failed it, anyway. a) went b) did c) made d) attempted 5) It's good to ..... close attention to what your teachers say. a) keep b) admit c) hear d) pay 6) That tall man ..... me of my grandfather. He’s quite like him. a) remembers b) recollects c) reminds d) memorises 7) The soldiers were ..... to run with a complete field equipment for three hours. a) ordered b) ruled c) arranged d) supervised 8) Our dinner’s ready. The table has already been ..... . a) lain b) lied c) laid d) lay 9) After the accident, John can ..... move his right leg. He uses crutches. a) almost b) hardly c) no d) shortly 10) You have missed ten lessons. You will have to ..... up for it. a) do b) catch c) work d) make




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