Are you an alien? convince us, What secret conspiracy do you want to start?, what is the most interesting fact that you know?, What is your favourite animal? why?, What clothes do you usually wear to school?, Tell us a short story about a cow., Who was first the chicken or the egg?, Describe your best friend with an adjective (my best friend is ...), What is the worst present someone has given you?, what do you want for Christmas?, Does the person next to you like mushrooms? Ask them and tell the class., What did you do at the weekend?, Where is the most embarrasing place you've farted?, Can you cook?, Tell us who your favourite singer/band is and why., What is your favourite sport?, Tell us what your favourite book is and what it is about: beginning, build-up, problem. No resolution or ending, please, no spoilers!!!, What are your plans for the weekend?, How was your playtime today?, How are you feeling today?, What is your favourite food?, What is your favourite boardgame?, What games do you play with your friends?.

Y4 Random questions and commands Eloy Villanueva. By Ms Aurora


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