1) ___ this newspaper, some dangerous criminal escaped from prison last week. a) In order to b) According to c) As a result d) However 2) I was ___ in Wigtown and I still live here now. a) grow up b) grow c) brought up d) lived 3) Taylor Swift has a big ___ on music industry nowadays. a) influence b) influencer c) influenced d) singer 4) Hey! Put that cigarette down, you ___ to smoke here! a) aren't allowed b) are allowed c) can d) must 5) ___ a child is difficult because you have a lot of homework and adults don't understand you. a) Be b) Is c) Being d) Are 6) I'm sorry, I haven't ___ to do this exercise yet. a) done b) finished c) make d) managed 7) I haven't seen your mother yet. What ___? a) does she like b) does she look like c) is she d) she looks 8) I can't go out tonight. I'm ___ my sister's kids. a) take care b) looking after c) care d) stay with 9) I really hate Maths. I'm ___ having tests every week! a) fed up with b) keen on c) enough d) hate 10) - Do you mind if I open the window? - ___, go ahead. a) I do b) I don't c) Yes d) Are you sure 11) ___ me to buy milk on the way home. I forgot to do it yesterday. a) Remember b) Stop c) Remind d) Don't forget 12) I don't think you should buy this dress. The color ___ you but the size is wrong. It doesn't ___ you well! a) suits, fit b) fits, suit c) suit, fit d) suits, fits 13) Okay, I'm tired of playing this game. I ___. a) give b) give up on c) give up d) don't 14) She really ___ rude to me. She told me I was ugly the first time we met! a) came across b) came across as c) come across d) been 15) When I was younger, I ___ have long blonde hair.  a) use to b) did c) used to d) didn't used to 16) If you're so sleepy, ___ take a break? a) why don't b) why you c) do you d) why don't you 17) Sorry, I'm ___ a red dress, but I can't see it. Do you know where it is? a) looking for b) look for c) searching d) find 18) I really need a car but I ___ any. a) can buy b) bought c) can't afford d) can afford 19) ___ win a lottery or become famous? a) Do you want b) Would you rather c) Rather you d) You wish 20) You're really good with children. I think you would ___ a great mom. a) do b) make c) made d) been 21) I want to ___ abroad but I don't know what country I should choose. a) moving b) being c) move d) stay 22) You ___ so angry! Do you ever close your mouth?! a) are b) make me c) make d) feel 23) My parents ___ in this house for 30 years now. a) have lived b) live c) are living d) lived 24) I can't talk now but I will call you ___ possible. a) soon b) later c) as soon d) as soon as 25) What?! ___ when do you have a girlfriend?! a) For b) Since c) Long d) How 26) - Did you ___ your History exam, honey? - Yes, mom! I got 14/15. a) take b) pass c) fail d) do 27) I must ___ sweets. I gained 5 kilos recently! a) cut down on b) stop c) don't eat d) cut down 28) I will ___ school next year. a) graduate b) graduate from c) graduate with d) be graduate 29) It's ____ down to work. You have exams next month! a) high time you get b) high time you study c) high time you got d) high time you 30) I love Ariana Grande! I'm absolutely ___ her new music. a) crazy b) crazy about c) love d) in love 31) Where have you been?! I ___ since 11! a) wait b) am waiting c) have been waiting d) waited 32) - What do you ___? - I work as a taxi driver. a) work b) do for a living c) earn money d) have a job 33) You are ___ beautiful girl I have ever seen! a) the most b) most c) more d) far more 34) ___ how hard I try, I can't remember this word in English. a) No matter b) Matter c) It doesn't d) Whatever 35) You really ___ your father. You have the same interests and skills. a) look like b) take after c) take from d) look 36) - When are you ___? - On Sunday, 21st July. a) get married b) marry c) getting married d) have a wedding 37) You're always ___! I won't clean up after you anymore! a) leaving messy b) leaving a mess c) leave mess d) leave messy




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