1) My sister _________ drive a red car. a) dont' b) doesn't 2) I________ PLAY THE GUITAR. a) DON'T b) DOESN'T 3) YOUR TEACHER _______ SPEAK FRENCH. a) DOESN'T b) DON'T 4) YOU ______ GO TO UNIVERSITY a) DOESN'T b) DON'T 5) SHE_______HAVE DANCE LESSONS. a) DOESN'T b) DON'T 6) MY MUM _________COOK A PIZZA. a) DON'T b) DOESN'T 7) YOU______ STUDY HISTORY. a) DON'T b) DOESN'T 8) HE _______ MEET YOUR BROTHER ON SATURDAY. a) DON'T b) DOESN'T

SIMPLE PRESENT: quiz (forma negativa)scegli tra doesn't e don't




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