In our modern ____ people are concerned about air and water ____, because they are only two ____ that cannot belong to any particular country. In both of the ____ and the water scientists find a lot of pollution every year. The consequences of such ____ are sometimes unpredictable. I am also ____ about the future of our planet and read a lot about the current ecological ____. I know, that the consequences of ____ pollution are terrible. If a ship loses some of oil in the water of the ocean many ____ and birds die because of the ____ water. Other fish can get contaminated and then fisherman catch such fish. ____ we may buy them in our local supermarket and may get sick from eating them. The problem is very important and we should find a way to ____ the water, as it is our vital resource. If we want ____ generations to live in the same beautiful world we live in, or in a ____ better world, we should learn to protect not only the water, but also the ____ and the earth from ____.I am trying to take care of the ____ and follow the trend of zerowaste. We are responsible for our ____ and we can try to reduce it. Every kind of pollution affects the balance of ____, so we should take care of it.

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