investment, spending, insistent, intended, Wisconsin, accomplishing, subcontracting, establishing, , disconnected, extended, grasping, invested, vanishing, commenting, uninhabited, , commanding, shrinking, insisting, talented, attended, twisted, , grunted, standing, sandblasted, recommended, embarrassing, extended a helping hand, distracting, fantastic, recommended many things, invented, volcanic, , subcontract, unlisted, they were ecstatic, expected, left England on a ship, swinging, misconduct, frantic, to inhabit the land, , punishing, Manhattan, their fantastic crops, from the Atlantic, athletic, of giving thanks, two hundred years, publishing, and many people, plan for next winter, ecstatic, establish their home, across the Atlantic, finishing, , traveled across, have what they needed, help from the Indians, being prompted, festival of thanks, at the end of November.

Wilson 3.5 Words and Phrases Don`t Be Greedy




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