1) We ____ (go) to Barcelona this summer. We booked a holiday yesterday. a) are going to b) will go c) are going to go 2) Jane isn’t free next Saturday. She ___ (work). a) works b) is going to work c) will work 3) This chair is broken. – I ___ (try) to fix it. a) will try b) am going to try c) is going to try 4) We’re going to have a coffee. – I ___ (come) with you a) am going to come b) come c) will come 5) Do you want to go out tonight? – No, sorry. I ___ (study) tonight. a) will study b) study c) am going to study 6) It looks cold outside. I ___ (take) a sweater. a) am taking b) will take c) am going to take 7) I ___ (go) to the concert tonight. It starts at 7. a) am going b) will go c) go 8) We ___ (get) married at the end of the summer. We have already invited the guests. a) will get b) get c) are going to get 9) Oh dear, I’ve cut my finger. – Stay here, I ___ (get) the plasters. a) will get b) am getting c) am going to get 10) Can you help me with the task? – I am sorry, I’m busy. I ___ (help) you in 20 minutes. a) help b) am going to help c) will help

[IT English A1+/A2] [Module 5] [L3] [WU] [KM]




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