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scales - We weigh with this, water - We must drink plenty of each day., breakfast - Don't avoid eating this, protein - Nutrient which helps us grow and repair cells, salt - We mustn't eat too much , allergy - A reaction by the body to specific foods, bacteria - Invisible on dirty hands, grease - Preparing a tin before putting the cake in it., creaming - Method of making muffins, rhubbing - Method of making scones- fingers, flour and butter., heat - Imperative verb- putting oven on., spatula - Equipment used to clean a bowl., bran - Outer layer of a grain., endosperm - Grain's food storage., fractions - Carrot bars are cut into, estimate - We do it with our eyes to get equal portions, chill - Clean, cross contaminate , cook and , nutts - Food which cause allergy for some., wheat - grain used to make flour., carrot - Bars with oil in them. ,

Food and nutrition yr 8


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