The Jews are forced to work for the Egyptians as slaves, Moshe is born and his mother, Yocheved, puts him in a basket in the water., Hashem speaks to Moshe through a burning bush, and Hashem tells him to go tell Pharaoh to let the Jews go., Hashem punishes the Egyptians with 10 plagues until finally Pharaoh lets the Jewish people free., Hashem tells the Jews to tie a sheep to their bedposts and leave it there for 3 days, after three days they should slaughter, roast, and eat it as a sacrifice to Hashem., Hashem splits the sea for the Jewish people., Hashem gives the Jews the Torah on Har Sinai and Moshe teaches the Jews all the mitzvot in the Torah., Hashem commands the Jews to build a Mishkan, which would be like a home for G-d in the desert. The kohanim were the ones that worked in the Mishkan, they had to wear a special uniform, Hashem caused three miracles to happen in the desert: manna fell from the sky, clouds protected them from all sides, and they had a well of water that traveled with them., The meraglim go and scout out the land of Israel- most of them come back with bad reports, besides Yehoshua and Kalev., In the desert Korach rebelled against Moshe; in the end he and his friends are swallowed up by the earth., Aaron and Miriam pass away- all the Jews are so sad because they were such good leaders.,

Jewish Journeys Review (Shemot-Bamidbar)




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