1) Did Ancient Egyptians have paper? a) Yes, they did. b) No, they didn't. c) No, they did. 2) Ancient Egyptians ________ papyrus to write. a) use b) uses c) used 3) Papyrus was __________to make. a) easy b) difficult c) soft 4) Only rich people used papyrus because it was ________. a) hard b) heavy c) expensive 5) Clay tablets were ______ to break. a) soft b) light c) easy 6) Ancient Egyptians ____ their own alphabet. a) has b) had c) haved 7) Clay tablets were _______. a) heavy b) light c) soft 8) Did people wash papyrus and use it again? a) No, they didn't. b) Yes, they did. c) Yes, they do.





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