Judicial Review - the power to strike down an act of congress, American System - Proposal to unify the nation and strengthen the economy through protective tariffs, national bank, and internal improvements, Nullification - state's right to invalidate any federal law that a state deems unconstitutional, Market Revolution - increased output of farms and factories , Revolution of 1800 - first peaceful transition of power from one political party to another, The Monroe Doctrine - isolationist foreign policy, Missouri Compromise - An attempt to keep the the balance of free states and etablished the 36 30' line , Corrupt Bargin - election of 1824 where John Q. Adams was elected president, Second Great Awakening - Series of religious revivals, spoils system - the awarding of government jobs to party loyalists, Trail of Tears - forced march of Native Americans from their homelands to Indian Territory in the West, Nat Turners Rebellion - Slave uprising in VA in 1831, led to the death of 55 white people, Underground Railroad - support system set up by antislavery groups to assist slaves escaping from the south, Transportation Revolution - expanding the range of travel and reducing time and cost of moving goods and people, Waltham System - the recuirtment of unmarried young women for employment in factories, Cult of Domesticity - the belief that women shold stay home as the moral guardians of the family, Manifest Destiny - belief that expansion of white Americans across the continent was inevitable and ordained by god ,




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