1) Which application of a new technology can be attributed to an invention of Thomas Edison? a) Refrigerated railroad cars allowed food to be transported long distances b) Light bulbs made it efficient for factory workers to work at night c) Sonar technology was used to track submarines d) Diesel engines were used in the production of airplanes 2) What was one factor that helped turn the Great Plains into the Dust Bowl in the 1930s? a) Paying farmers to plant native grasses b) Increased demand for Tobacco after WWII c) Numerous tornadoes occurring in the region d) Intense drought in the region 3) What was the overall goal of U.S. military intervention in Vietnam from 1964-1973? a) Eliminate trade barriers between the US and SE Asia b) Isolate the Soviet Union by improving relations with China c) Promote economic growth in Pacific region d) Prevent Communism from spreading through SE Asia 4) Which statement best explains how bank failures contributed to the Great Depression? a) People lost their savings b/c the government did not insure bank deposits b) Business could not be done when FDR declared a bank holiday c) The interest rates on bank loans were too high d) Foreign investors did not invest enough in U.S. banks 5) In the World War II era, what was the major reason for Jewish immigration to the United States? a) to seek guaranteed universal suffrage b) To escape famine and drought caused by natural disaster c) To seek better educational opportunities d) To escape state-sponsored genocide 6) How did Bill Gates earn the title of "World's Richest Man"? a) By creating social media sites b) By investing in global satellite communications c) By developing computer software d) By creating innovations in cell phone technology 7) What was the most important diplomatic effect of the Declaration of Independence for the United States? a) It allowed foreign governments to officially recognize the United States b) It forced Great Britain to trade with the United States c) It required Great Britain to pay war reparations to the United States d) It allowed the United States to establish immigration quotas 8) Which action caused the United States to engage in a "police action" on the Korean Peninsula in 1950? a) The collapse of South Korea's democratic government b) The assassination of North Korea's political leader c) South Korea's blockade of North Korea d) North Korea's invasion of South Korea 9) The Knights of Labor and the American Federation of Labor developed in response to -- a) increased need to protect worker interests b) decreased power of political machines c) increased demand for skilled workers d) decreased profitability of the agricultural sector 10) What was one economic effect of the Spanish-American war? a) Shipbuilding industries in the United States declined b) New free and fair trade policies were established c) The United States gained access to additional natural resources and overseas markets d) Demand for coal and petroleum as energy sources decined 11) How did Brown vs. Board of Education influence the Civil Rights movement? a) By discouraging activists from relying on the judicial system b) By guaranteeing scholarships to minority college students c) By providing a judicial basis for achieving equality in other areas d) By eliminating social barriers associated with hiring practices 12) In the late 1800s, Sanford B. Dole contributed to the expansion of the United States by advocating the annexation of -- a) Puerto Rico b) the Panama Canal Zone c) Hawaii d) the Philippines 13) How did the Nineteenth Amendment expand the democratic process a) By prohibiting discrimination in voting on the basis of race b) By prohibiting discrimination in voting on the basis of sex c) By eliminating the poll tax d) By lowering the voting age 14) What prompted the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) to target the "Hollywood Ten"? a) Fear of communist infiltration within the American entertainment industry b) Growing anxiety related to the economic effects of the Great Depression c) Increased political pressure from racial groups regarding civil rights legislation d) Support for American isolationism in the years leading up to World War II 15) What was the reaction of many Americans to the Watergate scandal? a) Confidence in the presidential selection process b) Support for the containment of Communism c) Discontent over the antiwar and civil rights protests d) Cynicism about the government and elected politicians 16) What was one effect of the arrival of the American Expeditionary Forces in Europe during World War I? a) Italy left the Central powers alliance b) The heir to the Austro Hungarian throne was assassinated in Serbia c) The Allies were able to launch a major counter attack on the western front d) Russian forces were able to withdraw from the eastern front 17) Which of the following was a significant effect of New Deal legislation? a) Income taxes fell to historic lows b) The federal government took on new roles c) The regulation of interstate trade was transferred to the states d) States became the sole enforcers of immigration law 18) Which action is prohibited under provisions of the Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972? a) A principal refuses to organize athletic events and programs for female sports teams b) The funding for a music program is cut because of declining tax revenues c) The staffing for a foreign language class is reduced due to lack of interest d) A teacher attempts to organize a charity basketball game for faculty and students 19) What important military contribution did Navajo Code Talkers make during World War II? a) they were part of a group of volunteer pilots that defended China b) They were one of the groups that transmitted secret military information in the Pacific Theater c) They were among the first black servicemen to fly as military aviators in the U.S. armed forces d) They were members of the tank division that helped liberate France after D-Day 20) Which action is the best example of a civic responsibility? a) Writing an editorial piece for a newspaper b) Volunteering to sell raffle tickets c) Voting on election day d) Opening a business

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