Say 5 words starting with M/ make a sentence with one of them, When it rains you need this. , What makes you happy?, What sports do you like?, Make a sentence with SWIM/PLAY/ EAT or DRINK in Past Tense., Give 3 words which describe you, How much time do you spend on your homework?, 3 words related to summer/ spring/ autumn or winter, What's your favourite subject at school? Why?, Make ONE sentence using these words: autumn, coffee, Spanish, Put the words in the correct order: visit/ to /I /my /Europe /like/ friends /from, Give a synonym for: BIG/ ANGRY/ SMART/ or FAMOUS, Name 5 things you find in a KITCHEN/ BATHROOM or LIVING-ROOM, Give a definition of the word : SLEEP/ SHADOW/ BALANKET or PENCIL, Name five means of transportation.


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