Tenon Saw - Used to cut straight lines in wood, Coping Saw - Used to cut curved lines in wood, Acrylic - The type of plastic used for your hanging shapes, Plywood - The type of wood used for your Top Plate, Pillar Drill - The name of the drill used to put in your holes, Thermoforming - Plastic that can be used and reheated more than once, Hardwood - Wood that is grown from broad leafed deciduous trees, Softwood - Wood that is grown from coniferous trees, Cross File - Used to remove waste material down to a line, Draw File - Used to smooth along a line after the previous stage, Laser Cutter - The name of the machine that cut out your hanging shapes, Techsoft - The name of the program used to draw your shapes on the computer, Safety Goggles - You wear these to protect your eyes, Template - Used for marking the same irregular shape out many times ,




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