Communism - A political theory where all property is government owned and people are paid according to their needs. , Containment - The act of keeping something from spreading., Foreign Policy - A government's strategy for dealing with other nations, Alliance - Union or group formed for mutual benefit., Iron Curtain - The imaginary line that divided Europe's Eastern Communist countries from its Western Noncommunist countries., Truman Doctrine - Policy by President Truman to provide aid to Turkey and Greece if they resisted communism., Marshall Plan - Plan to provide economic assistance to any European nation willing to resist communism, NATO - Alliance consisting of 12 democratic countries trying to contain communism, Berlin Airlift - the allied response to Berlin Blockade that used planes to lower supplies into West Berlin., Berlin Blockade - Action taken by the Soviet Union to block access to West Berlin by the US, France, and Great Britain., Warsaw Pact - The Soviet Union's response to NATO, Korean War - First proxy war of the Cold War. Fought between North and South Korea, China - This country became officially communist after a revolution in 1949, 38th Parallel - The boundary that was established separating North Korea from South Korea, United Nations - Peacekeeping organization formed at the end WWII. The US DID join. , Democracy - A form of government in which power rest in the hands of the people, SEATO - Alliance of Southeast Asian countries pledging to support each other resist communism., McCarthyism - Act of accusing government members of being Communist spies with no evidence, Space Race - The competition between the US and Soviet Union in space exploration, Eisenhower Doctrine - Policy by President Eisenhower in which he fought to contain communism brinkmanship and massive retaliation,

Cold War Begins Vocabulary




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