1) In the past my town was _________ and boring. a) small b) high c) low d) interesting 2) Big cities are dirty, but my village is _________. a) dirty b) clean c) wide d) busy 3) The houses aren't old. They're very _________. a) low b) busy c) boring d) modern 4) You can do a lot of ____________ activities here. a) big b) interesting c) small d) low 5) Where can you send a postcard or a letter? a) post office b) cinema c) hospital d) theatre 6) Where can you stay when you are on holiday? a) cinema b) post office c) hotel d) police station 7) You can have a picnic there. a) cinema b) park c) library d) museum 8) You have lunch or dinner there. a) restaurant b) supermarket c) stadium d) post office 9) Jeśli coś jest za czymś to jest....... a) next to b) behind c) under d) opposite 10) Jeśli coś jest pomiędzy czymś a czymś to jest....... a) opposite b) under c) between d) in front of 11) Jeśli coś jest przed czymś to jest....... a) under b) in c) behind d) in front of 12) Jeśli coś jest pod czymś to jest....... a) in b) on c) under d) behind 13) Jeśli coś jest obok czegoś to jest....... a) next to b) between c) opposite d) behind 14) _________________ me, I'm looking for the cinema. a) Hello b) Hi c) Excuse d) Bye 15) Is it ___________ from here? a) right b) left c) straight d) far 16) Go ____________ on, past the bank. a) left b) next to c) straight d) right 17) Then ___________ right. a) in b) turn c) left d) far 18) The cinema is ____________ the left. a) far b) turn c) opposite d) on 19) How can I _______________ to the history museum? a) past b) get c) turn d) far 20) I'm _______________________ for the library. a) waiting b) looking c) meeting d) reading




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