1) which of these chemicals did we use today? a) Sodium Chloride  b) Sodium Thiosulfate c) Sodium Carbonate d) Sodium 2) What acid did we use to react with the thiosulfate? a) Nitric acid b) Hydrochloric acid c) Sulfuric acid d) Phosphoric acid 3) What effect did increasing the concentration of thiosulfate have on the reaction time? a) increased reaction time b) decreased reaction time c) no change 4) what concentration of thiosulfate reacted the quickest? a) 1 mol/L b) 0.5 mol/L c) 0.75 mol/L 5) What effect does temperature have on a reaction? a) decreases the rate b) has no effect c) increases the rate 6) what effect does increasing the particle size have on the reaction time? a) increases the reaction time b) decreases the reaction time c) reaction time remains unchanged 7) what is the effect of adding a catalyst? a) has no effect b) increases the rate of a reaction c) decreases the rate of a reaction 8) what elements are found in hydrochloric acid? a) Hydrogen and Fluorine  b) Hydrogen and Nitrogen  c) Hydrogen and Chlorine 




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