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1) Which football academy do I go to a) Josh Evans soccer school b) Westside academy c) Clay gate royals 2) What do I like the most a) Drums b) Running c) Art d) Long jump 3) who's my favourite footballer a) Yaya Toure b) Cristiano Ronaldo c) Paul Pogba d) Diego Costa 4) What's my favourite food a) Pasta b) Burger c) Chips d) Pizza 5) How many sisters do I have a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 6) What concert have I been to a) summertime ball b) jingle bell ball c) Glastonbury 7) What's my favourite T.V kids show a) Regular show b) Adventure time c) The Simpsons d) We Bare Bears 8) What's my highest exam result a) 81% b) 76% c) 96% 9) Who's my best friend called a) Jack b) Alex c) Tom d) Felix e) Freddie f) Louie 10) What school do I go to a) SHS(Shrewsbury house school) b) WCPS(Wimbledon common prep school) c) KCJS(Kings College Junior School) d) ML(Milbourne Lodge) 


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