1) ___ any brothers or sisters? a) Have you b) Do you c) Do you have 2) ___ last night? a) Where you went b) Where did you go c) Where you did go 3) My brother ___ football. a) doesn't like b) don't like c) doesn't likes 4) Her parents ___ a small business. a) has b) haves c) have 5) I ___ to music when I'm working. a) never listen b) don't never listen c) listen never 6) In the picture the woman ___ a blue dress. a) wears b) wearing c) is wearing 7) "What ___?" "I'm looking for my keys." a) you are doing b) do you do c) are you doing 8) She's at univeristy. She ___ history. a) 's studing b) 's studying c) studying 9) We ___ to Malta last August. a) were b) went c) did go 10) I saw the film, but I ___ it. a) didn't liked b) don't liked c) didn't like 11) When I got home my parents ___ on the sofa. a) were sitting b) was sitting c) were sit 12) What ___ at 11 p.m.? You didn't answer my call. a) you were doing b) you was doing c) were you doing 13) She couldn't see him because she ___ her glasses. a) wasn't wearing b) didn't wear c) didn't wearing 14) We went to the cinema. ___ we decided to go for a walk. a) After b) Then c) When 15) We had a great time, ___ the weather wasn't very good. a) so b) because c) although




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