1) What movie are they from? a) Coco b) Wreck it Ralph c) Big-Hero 6 d) Ant-Man 2) What movie is this elephant from? a) Jungle Book b) The Good Dinosaur c) Tangled d) Dumbo 3) What was the first Pixar movie? a) Wall-E b) Up c) Toy Story d) The Incredibles 4) Who is Riley's Imaginary friend from "Inside Out"? a) Sing Song b) Bing Bong c) Ding Dong d) Ping Pong 5) The Genie was stuck in the lamp for how many years before Aladdin found him? a) 10 years b) 1000 years c) 10, 000 years d) 100, 000 years  6) What movie is this character from? a) Toy Story b) Inside Out c) Soul d) Brave 7) Where can this Disney castle be found? a) Magic Kingdom b) Animal Kingdom c) Hollywood Studios d) Six Flags Magic Mountain 8) Which Avenger is a genius billionaire a) Iron Man b) Hawkeye c) Thor d) Captain America 9) What do Aladdin and Abu steal from the marketplace in the beginning of the movie? a) Crackers b) Bread c) Apple d) Cheese 10) Who is this? a) Maui b) Tafiti c) Tamatoa d) Moana 11) Who is the crab in The Little Mermaid? a) Sebastian b) Flounder c) Triton d) Semour 12) Who sings "Un Poco Loco"? a) Skeletons b) Abuela c) Dante d) Miguel 13) Who sings "How Far I'll Go"? a) Mulan b) Pocahontas c) Moana d) Hercules 14) Who was the first Disney Princess? a) Belle b) Jasmine c) Snow White d) Pocahontas  15) Who is this? a) Lord MacGuffin b) Merida c) Queen Elinor d) The Witch 16) What does Hakuna Matata mean? a) No Worries b) Family c) Love d) Friends for Life 17) Which Avenger is the God of Thunder? a) Loki b) Odin c) Thor d) Hela 18) Who is the villain in Sleeping Beauty? a) Evil Queen b) Ursula c) Hook d) Maleficent 19) Who is the villain in Avengers: Infinity War? a) Thanos b) Loki c) Vision d) Captain America 20) What is the shark's name in Finding Nemo? a) Daddy Shark b) Bruce c) Mommy Shark d) Sharkzilla 21) What is the name of the horse from Tangled? a) Maximus b) Philippe c) Achilles d) Spartacus 22) What is the name of the dragon from Mulan? a) Sisu b) Pascal c) Mushu d) Lord Dragon 23) What is the name of this movie? a) Inside Out b) Outside In c) Soul d) Raya 24) What is the reindeer's name in "Frozen"? a) Kristoff b) Sven c) Bernie d) Weselton 25) Who is the mean kid in the movie "Toy Story"? a) Mr. Andrew b) Sid c) Buzz d) Jack 26) Rapunzel’s chameleon in Tangled is called what? a) Mickey b) Bruce c) Nemo d) Pascal 27) What movie are they from? a) Soul b) The Good Dinosaur c) Onward d) Zootopia 28) Name the movie a) Zootopia b) We Found a Zoo c) The Incredibles d) Monsters Inc 29) Name this character from the movie Inside Out a) Sarah b) Amy c) Jessica d) Riley 30) In the movie "Finding Dory," who does Dory search for in the movie? a) Her Friends b) Her Parents c) Her Relatives d) Her Grandparents




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