William McKinley - 1987-1901; Republican; Assassinated in Office; Succeeded by Theodore Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt - 1901-1909; Succeeded after McKinley's assassination; Square Deal, Big Stick Policy; Progressive/Bull Moose candidate in 1912, William H. Taft - 1909-1913; Republican; Conservative Progressive, T. Roosevelt tried to primary him in 1912, Woodrow Wilson - 1913-1921; Democrat; New Freedom and World War I, Warren G. Harding - 1921-1923; Republican; Died in Office; Teapot Dome Scandal, Calvin Coolidge - 1923-1929; Republican; Succeeded Harding; "The Business of America is Business", Herbert Hoover - 1929-1933; Republican; President at onset of Great Depression; "Rugged Individualism" , Franklin D. Roosevelt - 1933-1945; Democrat; New Deal and World War II; Court-Packing Scheme; Died in Office April 1945, Harry S. Truman - 1945-1953; Democrat; Succeeded Franklin D. Roosevelt; Decision to use Atomic weapons on Japan; Marshall Plan; Berlin Airlift, Dwight D. Eisenhower - 1953 -1961; Republican; Former WWII General; Interstate Highway System; Massive Retaliation, John F. Kennedy - 1961-1963; Democrat; Bay of Pigs, Cuban Missile Crisis; Assassinated in Dallas Texas November 1963, Lyndon B. Johnson - 1963-1969; Democrat; succeeded JFK after assassination; The Great Society; Escalated involvement in Vietnam, Richard Nixon - 1969-1974; Republican; Resigned after Watergate Scandal; Vietnamization, normalize relations with China, Detente; Environmental Protection Act., Gerald Ford - 1974-1977; Republican; took office after Nixon resigned) WIN (whip inflation now); Signed Helsinki Accords, Jimmy Carter - 1977 -1981; Democrat; Peanut Farmer from Georgia; Camp David Accords; Panama Canal Treaty; Iran Hostage Crisis, Ronald Reagan - 1981-1989; Republican; Conservative Resurgence; Supply-side Economics; "Star Wars" defense system; appointed first female supreme court justice (Sandra Day O'Connor); Iran-Contra Affair, George H.W. Bush - 1989-1993; Republican; Ran for president after serving as Reagan's VP; Fall of the Soviet Union; Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Gulf War, Bill Clinton - 1993-2001; Democrat; attempted Health Care reform; Balanced national budget; impeached for perjury; NAFTA; Yugoslavia, Bosnia, Kosovo intervention, George W. Bush - 2001-2009; Republican; election determined by SCOTUS; 9/11; PATRIOT Act; War in Afghanistan and Iraq; No Child Left Behind Act, Barack Obama - 2009-2017; Democrat; First African American President; American Recovery and Reinvestment Act in response to 2008 financial crash; Affordable Care Act,

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