1) My plane was delayed ..... a) despite the weather conditions. b) due to poor weather conditions. c) for the weather conditions. 2) All cargo was lost ... a) before the ship sank. b) for the ship sank. c) because the ship sank. 3) There has been a sudden increase of depressive cases ... a) due to the Covid- 19 pandemic. b) thanks to the Covid - 19 pandemic. c) before the Covid-19 pandemic. 4) Mr Bauli managed to start his successful company ... a) because of the war.  b) thanks to the war  c) despite the war.  5) My English is improving day by day ... a) despite Sonia's efforts. b) thanks to Sonia's efforts. c) bisides Sonia's efforts. 6) The deal fell through ... a) when they lacked communication. b) due to lack of communication. c) bisides lack of communication. 7) Despite a healthy diet ... a) his blood tests are great. b) his level of cholesterol is ever too high. c) he's lived 98 years!




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