You should hold onto your dreams; if you work hard enough for them they will come true., Once children are grown, their parents are no longer responsible to provide them with money and housing, It’s okay to break the promises you make., Some neighborhoods are better than others., Money changes people., Most people don’t try hard enough to see the other person’s problem, It is the man’s responsibility to provide financially for the family., If a man is unable to provide financially for his family, he is less of a man., In a family, it is the woman’s responsibility to care for the children and keep the home in order (cook, clean, etc.)., Females should never aspire to be in high power, high stress careers (medicine, law, etc.)., Society dictates gender roles (examples: “women’s work,” male head of household, etc.) and there’s nothing we can do to change them., You should stand up for what is right., Racism is a thing of thing of the past. It is no longer prevalent in America..

Anticipation: Raisin in the Sun




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