1) Is blue eyes an inherited trait? a) yes b) no 2) If your dad has broken leg will the child have a broken leg a) no b) yes 3) If your mom has closed earlobes will you a) yes b) no 4) A dog has a crooked tail will its offspring's? a) Yes b) no c) yes and no 5) If your sister has blue eyes will you a) yes b) no 6) Is Purple hair a Inherited trait acquired trait or learned behavior? a) Acquired trait b) Inherited trait c) Learned behavior 7) If a dog has a broken foot will its puppies a) No b) yes 8) The mom has brown eyes and the dad has blue eyes which one are you more likely to have? a) Brown eyes b) blue eyes c) Either one 9) If both parents are right handed will you be right handed a) yes b) no 10) If your parent eats pizza will you? a) Sometimes b) no




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