1) What is the weather like? a) It's snowy and freezing. b) It's warm and rainy. c) It's snowy and windy. d) It's icy and stormy. 2) Choose the right pair. a) sun - suny b) snow - snowwy c) fog - foggy d) cloud - cloudi 3) Which sentence is correct? a) This is sunny. b) The sun is shining. c) It's get sunny. d) It gets sunny. 4) Mild weather is  a) sunny and cold b) cool and sunny c) warm and pleasant d) chilly and sunny 5) -22º a) It's minus twenty two degrees. b) Today is minus twenty It'sdegrees. c) It is twenty two degrees. d) It's minus twenty two degree today. 6) Chilly weather is a) too cold b) cool and snowy c) cold and sunny d) cold enough to be unpleasant 7) Boiling weather is  a) warm and pleasant b) extremely hot c) hot and sunny d) not hot 8) It's ____ today! It's only 2O C outside! a) cold b) hot c) mild d) warm 9) I hate ___ days. Everywhere is so wet. a) windy b) rainy c) snowy d) icy 10) It's ___ today, so we can't see any blue sky. a) icy b) windy c) cloudy d) rainy




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