1) Who scored the most goals in football in 2020? a) Robert Lewandowski b) Cristiano Ronaldo c) Lionel Messi d) Kylian Mbappé 2) The best football player in the world? (2017) a) Lionel Messi b) Cristiano Ronaldo c) Robert Lewandowski 3) Who is the Polish goalkeeper? a) Robert Lewandowski b) Jan Bednarek c) Wojciech Szczęsny d) Kamil Glik 4) The best soccer club in the world? a) FC Barcelona b) Real Madryt c) Legia Warszawa d) A.C. Milan 5) Who won the 2014 World Cup? a) France b) Germany c) Poland d) Rosja 6) Every how many years a world championship is organized? a) 8 lat b) 3 lata c) 2 lata d) 5 lat e) 4 lata




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