1) How long you _______ (be) interested in music? a)  are you b) have you been c) has you been  2) I think I _______ (love) reading novels since I was 5 years old. a) love b) has loved c) have loved 3) Well I _______ (not want ) to eat and I used to ask my grandmother to eat with me . a) don't want b) didn't want c) dosen't wanted 4) So you ______ (read ) for a long time ? a) was reading  b) had been reading c) have been read 5) Angela, how many countries you _____ (visit) so far ? a) have you visited  b) you have visited c) had been visit 6) I________ (remind) him so many times this week. a) has remind b) have remind c) have reminded 7) When I _____ (be) a child I loved eating apple pies. a) be b) is c) was 8) I _____ (like) you since we were teenagers. a) has like b) have liked c) have like 9) They ______( move ) to Colorado recently. a) have moved b) has moved c) has move 10) He _____ (go) to Miami several times. a) have gone b) has gone c) goes

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