1) Kerala is well known for its _________ a) Apple b) wool c) Spices d) Garments 2) Jallianwala Bagh is located in __________ a) Meerut b) Amritsar c) Ahmedabad d) Kolkatta 3) The national anthem of India written by a) Jawaharlal Nehru b) Rabindranath Tagore c) Bankim chandra Chaterjee d) Mahatma Gandhi 4) Identify the picture and choose the correct answer a) Cheena Chatti b) Cheena Vala c) Tibetian net d) Kashmiri vala 5) Who discovered the sea route to India from Europe? a) Chinese Traders b) Christopher Colombus c) Vasco da Gama d) Jewish Traders 6) Traditions in India is an example of a) Economic Diversity b) Cultural Diversity c) Physical Diversity d) None of the above 7) Which region or state produces pashmina wool a) Ladakh b) Kerala c) Karnataka d) Kolkatta 8) Which of the following statements is not an example of diversity? a) We all wear uniforms in school. b) We celebrate many festivals in our country. c) We speak different languages at home and at school. d) The diet and dress of the people of India vary from place to place. 9) Ladakh is also called-------- a) Land of Ice b) Little Kerala c) Little Tibet d) None of the above 10) Which of these acts is not an example of inequality a) Casting a vote in the elections b) Shaming a person because they are heavy c) Bullying someone because they wear glasses d) Telling a girl she should not study 11) Identify the name of the traditional dress of manipur a) Saree b) Salwar Kameez c) Phanek 12) The local version of the Tibetian National Epic is a) Jana gana mana b) Kesar Saga c) Vande Mataram

Understanding Diversity




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