1) PANDAS why do they have those colors ? a) so that they stay invisible at night and escape from the hunter b) to camuflage thunselver and find others to mate c) I don´t say teacher 2) who was the first western person to discover the panda a) The missionary John point after b) The french missionary Pere Armond David in 1869 c) The french missionary Pere Armond Davib in 1859 3) Ursidae family accept the pandas? a) yes the panda is a bear scientists prove b) what? the Pandas is a pandas family c) No the pandas is are raccons 4) Have a 1430 pandas in the earth is true? a) YES b) I don´t say c) NO but Have a 1800 pandas 5) Panda is the extint animal a) yes (;´д`)ゞ b) NO the Pandas is vurneblou




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