1) She ______ the match to light the candle. a) little b) lighted c) rip d) lit 2) My pencil was _____ when I sharpened it too much. a) litol b) paddle c) little d) ripple 3) That _____ of twins look exactly the same! a) paddle b) set c) sit d) settle 4) Let's _____ this with a game of rock- paper scissors. a) settle b) pad c) set d) setle 5) Oops! I didn't mean to _____ your papers. a) rip b) ripple c) rid d) settle 6) The stone made a big _____ in the water. a) paddle b) lit c) ripple d) ripol 7) Please write your answers on your _____ of paper. a) pad b) ripple c) set d) paddle 8) The man used his _____ to get his canoe to shore. a) little b) paddle c) padol d) pattle 9) Eek! Please get ____ of that mouse! a) riddle b) rid c) little d) rib 10) I'm not sure of the answer to this _____. a) ripple b) riddle c) rid d) settle

Unit 6, Week 3 Spelling Words Cloze Sentences




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