1) Feel down means allbelow words except a) Sad b) Unhappy c) Cheerful 2) Mood the adjective is ...... a) Moodful b) Moodious c) Moody 3) The opposite of: do well a) Do great b) Do badly c) Do good 4) Depressed is .......... a) a verb b) anoun c) an adjective 5) Noone...........him in his task.  a) helping b) help c) helps 6) Suddenly is......... a) Adv. b) Adj. c) V. 7) How come? a) How does it come? b) Why isit? c) Wheredoes it come from? 8) Cheerful (meaning) a) Feeling sad b) Feeling happy c) Depressed 9) Don't be sad !come on,............! a) Cheer up! b) Stop ! c) Hurry up! 10) Suddenly means ..... a) By chance b) Accidantly c) All choices are correct

a game in unit 12 ( ninth grade)




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