1) Give detailed examples of __________________ a) Volunteer b) in need c) appreciation d) gifts 2) Be____________________ of others. a) appreciation b) Thoughtful c) gifts d) encouraging 3) ___________ for unpleasant tasks. a) Volunteer b) show off c) patient d) Thoughtful 4) their gifts a) show off b) encouraging c) appreciation d) in need 5) be ______________ a) in need b) gifts c) encouraging d) patient 6) Help a stranger ____________________ a) appreciation b) Volunteer c) in need d) patient 7) select small and thoughtful_______________ a) gifts b) encouraging c) in need d) show off 8) Handwrite THANK YOU , THINKING OF YOU , GRATEFUL TO YOU and ____________notes a) show off b) appreciation c) encouraging d) Volunteer




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