1) What are the main characteristics of Mars? a) Red dust covers most of its surface. b) It consists of land, air, water and life. c) The planet is a little smaller than Earth. 2) What colour is Mars? a) The color of it is white. b) It knowns as the Red Planet. c) It is green. 3) Does Mars have water? a) It consists of land, air, water and life. b) There is no water at all. c) Almost all water on Mars today exists as ice. 4) Is Mars Hot? a) Mars is actually cold! b) It is the hottest planet. c) It's not very hot! 5) Does anything grow on Mars? a) Yes, of course. b) Mars is a desert planet. c) The atmosphere of Mars would kill any living thing, plant or animal.

What Do You Know About Planet MARS?




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