1) The head of a government that takes the form of a republic. Elected every 4 years in the United States. a) President b) Governor c) Mayor d) Congress. 2) A democratic Political System where an individual is elected by popular vote by the people to represent their interests. a) Representative Democracy b) Senate c) Capitol d) Voting 3) The brach of government responsible for carrying out or executing the laws. a) Vice President b) Legislative Branch c) Brian Kemp d) Executive Branch 4) The branch of government responsible for creating laws. Made up of congress a) Tree Branch b) Legislative Branch c) Elections d) Police Branch e) Branch Branch 5) The branch responsible for deciding the meaning of laws, how to apply them to real situation and whether a law breaks the rules of the constitution. a) Judicial Branch b) Fairness Branch c) Rules Branch d) Constitution Branch 6) The highest judicial court in a country. a) Basketball Court b) Supreme Court c) Presidential Court d) Tennis Court 7) Elected by voters to represent them in a state or federal senate. a) Senators b) Presidentors c) Governors d) Air benders 8) The branch of the US Government that makes laws. It is made up of the Senate and House of Representatives. a) Senate b) Congress c) House of Representatives d) Ultimate Court e) Government 9) A person that leads a government, especially that of a stat of the United States. They are elected every 4 years. a) President b) General Assembly c) Governor d) Population 10) Is the State Legislature. It is bicameral, consisting of the Senate and House of Representatives. a) Supreme Court b) General Assembly c) Congress d) Military




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