1) In paragraph 1,'Typically, pretty and female, like Tinkerbell in Peter Pan, they usually use their magic to do small things and are mostly friendly to humans.' bold word refers to a) children b) fairies c) peter pan d) stories. 2) In paragraph 2, 'Some people think these creatures were originally the gods of earlier, pagan religions that worshipped nature 'bold word refers to a) the spirits of trees and rivers. b) the Ancient Greek people. c) trees and rivers. 3) In paragraph 2, the word 'They' in bold refers to : They were replaced by the Greek and Roman gods, and then later by the Christian God, and became smaller, less powerful figures as they lost importance. a) pagan religions. b) pagan gods. c) Greek and Roman gods. d) Greek gods 4) In paragraph 3, the words 'this idea' in bold refer to: Further support for this idea is that fairies were thought to be afraid of iron and could not touch it. a) the idea that fairies were based on people. b) the idea that fairies used metal weapons. c) the idea that fairies used stone tools. 5) In paragraph 3, the word 'This' in bold refers to: This might explain why fairies were often described as playing tricks on humans. a) the fact that fairies were thought to be afraid of iron. b) stolen food. c) the possibility that hiding people stole food and attacked villages. 6) In paragraph 4, the word 'more' in bold refers to: He published the original pictures, and three more the girls took for him, in a magazine called The Strand, in 1920. a) the fairies b) the girls. c) the photos.




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